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Class Guide

How to pick a class

  • Cirq-101 (Adult, Kids, and Mixed)

In this type of class you get a well rounded and circus experience where we do 2 to 3 stations on various equipment. The idea is to get you to try all areas of circus so that you are able to find something you really enjoy. What's great about this class is that when you do find something you enjoy, we are able to really foster that passion and focus in on it with personalized lessons that are catered to anybody who comes.

  • Homeschool Class

This class is for Homeschoolers to experience the art of circus! By attending this class, parents are able to use it as a physical education (P.E.) credit for their kids. The downside of this class is that it generally has a very high student to instructor ratio, so it is not able to be as personalized as our night classes.

  • Lyra

Rather than switching between stations like the other classes this one is meant to only focus on the lyra.

More descriptions to come! If you have any questions in the meantime please feel free to contact us below!  

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